• About Urban Food Connections


    Urban Food Connections aims to educate the community about local food, regional producers and Utah’s proud agricultural heritage.

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    For more information about the markets we operate, please visit slcfarmersmarket.org or email alison@downtownslc.org


  • Eat Local Week Utah

    Eat Local Week Utah

    Eat Local Week Utah is a statewide program that celebrates the regional harvest, promotes local agriculture and the preservation of Utah’s agricultural heritage, and brings people together as a community over the food they eat. Through a series of activities and events, Eat Local Week educates the community about resources for eating locally, and increases awareness around food production, transportation, and access to healthy food for all. Eat Local Week features the Eat Local Challenge, which is a personal commitment to eating only food that comes from within a 250 mile radius of one’s home for one week, or longer if desired. The Eat Local Challenge can be tailored to each individual, by simply picking a few food groups and eating as locally as possible within those categories.

    Visit Eatlocalweek.org
  • Summer in a Jar Series

    Summer in a Jar Series

    "Summer in a Jar" is a series of food preservation workshops where people are taught how to preserve food grown from their own gardens or purchased from local farmers. These workshops include hands-on experience with waterbath canning, freezing, drying, and pressure canning. The program features between 6 and 10 workshops per year, in partnership with Slow Food Utah, Wasatch Community Gardens, and Salt Lake County’s Urban Farming program. With roughly 16 students per class, it is an excellent way to learn the arts of canning, drying, and freezing that were vital to previous generations.

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